NRA Certified Chief RSO approval!

ARENA: Tuesday: 4pm - 8pm

PROSHOP: Tuesday: 10am - 8pm


Tyler was an EXCELLENT host. Austin gave excellent safety briefs before each game. As an NRA Certified Chief RSO and pistol instructor I was VERY pleased with your safety protocols.

Party Parent

Everyone at VIP AirSoft have been hand-picked and trained for exemplary Customer Service. I heard no negative feedback or complaints from anyone. The boys timing for the respective “action-time” in the arena seemed to be timed perfectly. We all had a great time, and the four hours seemed to fly by all too fast! Thank you to everyone!!!

Party Parent

I love this place because the refs are always in control making sure that the game is fun and checking the fps

Tristan H.

We all had an awesome time, and every single staff member was helpful and courteous! We will definitely be back again!!

Party Parent

Fantastic! Our party host Stephen was on top of everything. He even helped us divide the players into two groups so our kiddos were paired with others around the same age and experience level.

Party Parent

I started coming here again, to make my third or fourth time (can’t remember). From my experience, I researched other fields in the area and have seen this field is one of the cheapest for a session in this area. I am definitely not pro at airsoft, but from what I have experienced, these hours I’ve spent here have been some of the best I’ve had in a long time. R//10/10

Jaden S.

We had our sons bday party for 8 of them. Overall it went great and our party ref was awesome and attentive which made the overall experience great for the boys.

Party Parent

The boys LOVED the experience…a few of them got a few body welts…I asked if the pain was worth it…they said HECK YEA!!!!

Your company has great customer service. From the front desk to the person who helped us. The event coordinator has a passion for this job. He enjoyed the kids and they enjoyed him. The kids had so much fun they are still talking about it.

Party Parent

Great place! Had our own host and he was awesome. Helped all the boys, got our food, drinks and played with them in the field. It was a very easy party, all the boys had a blast. Would highly recommend and will do it again.

Party Parent

I really appreciate how much you have helped me move into the awesome sport of airsoft. I am so glad that I went onto the internet and searched for airsoft fields in Arizona. Yours was the first that I saw. THere are many things that you have helped me understanding in the sport of airsoft. Here I have a huge list of things that you have done for me.

First of all, you saved me probably $120 because you swayed me to not buy one of your OWN items because it was powered by CO2 and CO2 is expensive. Instead, you swayed me to get the G&G CM16 Raider that you guys rent. I have had this airsoft gun since Christmas and everything about it is perfect for the price.

The second thing that you have helped me with is you explained some of the internals to me and told me what the best king of BBs there are.

When I was looking for a flashlight to buy, you explained to me what some of the pros and cons were to each flaslight. You explained it to me like I was looking to buy another airsoft gun.

I can always tell how great your prices were, because I compared them online and most of the items were $10 or more than your online, which is crazy because it’s usually the other way around.

I have told all of my friends who play airsoft about your company and how much I appreciate it. Also last night I was reserving some items to pick up on Friday and one of your employees answered and retrieved all of the items I wanted. She was happy with what she was doing, unlike the employees at

I just have to say that you business overall is five stars, from the arena to your technicians and employees and the quality of EVERY single one of your items.

I have always had a great experience at your store and I think that your store and arena is the best in Arizona. I truly appreciate what you have done for me and my friends.

C. Walrod

This place is phenomenal. I go once or twice a week and have a blast. Great staff, Great course and amazing variety of airsoft equipment.

E. Rodriguez

This place is awesome!! Everyone here is friendly, attentive and well informed about the guns, games and placed of where not to shoot individuals! This is the Best place to have a party!! We have a great time!! Thank you everyone!!

Party Parent

Hands down one of the best experiences ever. Well worth it, and we will be coming back again! Everyone took special care of us and were all happy to help and were very responsive to all our requests. We will be regular guests. Thanks again to everyone for making [my son’s] birthday very special.

Party Parent

First time playing airsoft, came in with a friend of mine and rocked hard from 4-8pm for $50 (included rental gun/mask, admission and 4000 BBs)… Tons of fun – though you can really rack up the battle scars/welts after a couple of games.

It does get hot in there running around with adrenaline pumping but it’s bearable and based on how hard you go.. The variety of game types and rules was great as we frequently switched it up: Team deathmatch, medic, briefcase search and destroy…and at night we played in the dark: prison break, zombies..

Kevin W.

The kids and I had a great time at VIP Airsoft.  What an amazing facility for Gilbert!  Follow the rules and be safe and you will have a blast.

Mark N.

I went to VIP Airsoft Arena last Sunday and had a great time.

There was a large range of age groups that I feel created a fun environment.
It’s good to see kids that are into guns in a respectful manner.
I am part of a hunting club that meets on a monthly basis and know first hand how important it is to get our youth involved in the shooting sports.
The crowd was VERY respectful AND helpful.
Not only is this sport fun… it is great exercise.
If you know someone, or you yourself are playing FPS games all day, give this a shot instead. It’s far more fun than your xbox can handle.

The Park itself has a really exciting layout.
It is very safe but not boring. They still have towers and crawl spaces to keep things interesting. There are tables with laminate tops and other features to use as cover. If you are interested but not sure about the layout, watch a few youtube videos and you will be hooked. On youtube search “vanguard airsoft 2013”

While watching the players or between rounds, to prevent eye injuries, you are required to wear eye protection while at the tables located outside of the field. So I recommend bringing a pair of safety glasses so you don’t have to wear your goggles/mask during this time. You can also purchase a pair from the front desk if you forget yours.

The shop on site has the best selection in the valley of quality airsoft firearms. They also have fatigues and protective equipment. It is a truly one stop shop with competitive pricing. They carry Echo 1, G&G, and KWA just to name a few brands.

If you don’t feel like walking/driving to a nearby fast food/gas station, you can purchase food, drinks, and snacks at their snack bar. The pizzas aren’t the normal 3 bites and it’s gone type of pizza. It is a large pizza.

If you don’t have your own airsoft gear and want to get a taste before you dive in… you can rent all the gear you would need for an extra $15.00. This is a great price knowing how much it costs to maintain your own gear. I noticed a player having a problem with his rifle and the ref went and got him another one to use. The staff was very helpful and if they couldn’t answer your question, they found someone that did.

I will definitely be back to play again.

Robert D.

“Our party was excellent! The customer service was outstanding. We really appreciated all our ref’s help and timely attentiveness to keep the party going nicely. They even ordered us a cake which took a ton of pressure of me!”

Party Parent

The staff were amazing, sticklers for safety, quick to help. My 12 year old son had the time of his life! I felt good about how aware the staff were of safety, in such a large group of people. Will definitely go again.

Player Parent

The staff was great and very knowledgeable, they make the parents and kids feel welcomed at all times. If you or your family have not tried this place, put it on the to do list! Your kids will love you for it! PS I never write comments but this place deserves my praise.

Player Parent