ARENA: Wednesday: 12pm - 8pm

PROSHOP: Wednesday: 10am - 8pm

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Official SpeedQB Rules and format

Separate SPEEDQB PLAYER WAIVER Required for participation in additional to general player waiver


– SPEEDQB is currently only being offered at the Phoenix arena – 

Join us the 1st and 3rd Thursday 4-8pm of every month for public SpeedQB play!
$15/player or $60/team of 5
1000bbs included per player


*Rules as defined, expressed and confirmed by Tac City & SpeedQB Ownership*


  • Teams can only consist of 5 players with a 6th relief player
  • Relief players can only be swapped before/after a match. Not mid-match
  • All team members must be listed at registration


  • All gun types allowed
  • Semi-auto ONLY!
  • Maximum 350fps 
  • Maximum 30 rps
  • Midcaps only for rifles (150rd maximum per mag)
  • Extended mags for pistols okay (50rd max per mag)
  • No limit on total number of magazines or shotgun shells carried 
    • Players cannot exit field to get more magazines or shells mid-match


  • No surrender distance
  • Knife kills count
  • Any bodily contact with a BB is considered a HIT
  • If opposing players shoot each other at the same time, both players are out
  • No respawns
  • No feathering 
  • Trigger hands must wrap around the grip while shooting


  • Fouls = not calling your hit
  • 1st Offense:
    • Team loses that round automatically. Player is marked on wristband per offense
  • 2nd Offense by same player:
    • Team loses that round automatically. Player is marked on wristband and pulled from the rest of the match. The affected team plays one man short, no substitutions or reliefs for rest of the match. 
  • 3rd Offense by same player:
    • Team loses that round automatically. Player is marked on wristband and pulled from rest of the event/tournament. The affected team plays one man short for the remaining matches, no substitutions or reliefs for the rest of the event.



TEAM vs TEAM (5 on 5)


  • One Match = 3 rounds
  • 1 Round = 4:00 minutes maximum
  • Team wins match by winning 2 out of the 3 rounds
  • If a team wins the first 2 rounds, a 3rd round will not be played


  • 100 Points per round
  • 25 pts – First Flag Possession
  • 50 pts – Flag Hang (Ends the round)
  • 5 pts – Each Player Eliminated
    • 5 players = 25 pts maximum


  • 5 Second Countdown
    • Verbal warning by ref before countdown begins
  • Round begins by Horn or Whistle blow


  • Obtain possession first (25 pts)
  • Flag Hang on opposing Spawn Point (50 pts / Ends the round)
  • If Flag-bearer gets hit, flag drops wherever the bearer was hit)


  • Teams “breakout” from a starting bunker located at the center of Team Spawn
  • All guns MUST be facing the wall until the round begins
    • 10 pt team penalty for early break or guns not facing the wall
  • One foot MUST be touching the spawn wall until the round begins


  • Ref controls the Countdown and Game Start/End
  • Refs have full power to call hits upon players and pull players
    • If ref has to pull a player- the relief player is not allowed to replace them mid-match
  • Refs have final call to any disagreement



Feathering: The quick action use of more than one finger to manipulate the trigger in an attempt to increase rate of fire.
RPS: Rounds fired per Second