ARENA: Tuesday: 12pm - 8:30pm

PROSHOP: Tuesday: 11am - 8:30pm


Session entry does not include rental equipment. All players are required to use our field house ammunition, which are included in session entry rates. Prices listed below do not include tax.

Advance reservations are REQUIRED for coupon use. No discount programs, coupons or certificates will be accepted without a reservation on file.  

Rental guns are M4 AEG Rifles. Rental packages include rifle, one magazine, full face mask and chest protector.

Prepaid reservations are the only way to guarantee session entry. Walk-ins are still welcome and available but will only be granted entry if we have session capacity availability and will pay the increased walk-in rate.

General sessions are for players ages 10+. We will allow players as young as 8 in general session if they are involved in team athletics or have already played airsoft before. We do not separate by age for general sessions.


ONLINE PREPAID Entry – Weekdays
    1000 Standard House bbs $27
    1000 Tracer House bbs $32

ONLINE PREPAID Entry – Weekends
    1000 Standard House bbs $31.50
    1000 Tracer House bbs $36.50

    Includes 4hr session entry and bbs as designated only. Rental equipment is purchased separately.

ONLINE PREPAID Rental Package $14
    Includes G&G CM16 Raider AEG Rifle, full face mask & basic chest protector
    Link to prepaid rentals are available via the confirmation and reminder emails for prepaid online reservations. 

Prices provided above include tax and are only available online. Walk-in prices are available under the “WALK-IN PRICING” tab and these prices will not be honored outside of the online reservation calendar system.

Walk-in Entry Daily
    1000 Standard House bbs $35.30
    1000 Tracer House bbs $40.74
    Includes 4hr session entry and bbs as designated only. Rental equipment is purchased separately. Prices do not include tax.

Rental Package $18
    Includes G&G CM16 Raider AEG Rifle, full face mask & basic chest protector

Prepaying your session online in advance via our Reservation Calendar will grant you discounted rates and a link for discounted prepaid rentals! Walk-in players will still be allowed to participate if session capacity is available and will pay the higher rate as outlined above under “Walk-in Entry”. Prices provided above do not include tax. 


$21 entry with 1000bbs available on Tuesdays 
*Discount only available for online prepaid reservations. Discount price will not be given for walk-in players.*


Prepaid group of 10 players ages 8-17 all inclusive with session entry, rental equipment and 1000bbs each. 
Only valid for 4:30-8:30pm sessions Wednesdays & Thursdays August 1-May 20. 
Not available over public school breaks. 
*Discount only available online. Discount price will not be given for walk-in players.*

Mask Rental Only $5

Extra bbs
    1000 Standard House bbs $5
    4000 Standard House bbs $15
    1000 Tracer House bb $8
    2000 Tracer House bbs $15

*Prices do not include tax*


Join the VIP PLATOON Yearly Membership!!


  • VIP Refillable Cup ($1.50 refills)
  • VIP Member Patch
  • $6 off Field Admission each visit
  • 5% off ProShop Purchases!
  • Platoon Only Proshop Specials!
  • 10% off One Time Proshop Purchase
  • 25% off One Time Loyalty Merch Purchase
  • One Free Session Entry Certificate
  • & MORE!


Can I use a recording device?2024-06-28T15:34:39-07:00

Recording devices are prohibited for use at all times within the proshop, concessions, tech department, restrooms and staging area. 

No recording devices will be allowed at either location unless a recording pass has been applied for and approved by management. 

Players must submit an online recording request form and have the request approved to use any recording device including but not limited to GoPros, Contours, and cell phones within active gameplay. If a player has not been approved for a recording pass or has been denied and is found recording or having been recording during the session, the footage will be wiped, and they will be immediately removed from the facility without refund and a minimum 1 month ban will be enacted. 

Management holds the right to revoke a recording pass at any time for any reason. If a player arrives with a recording device and has been banned from using it, our staff hold the right to keep the device at our front desk during the session if they believe the player will attempt to use the device even after being told they are prohibited from doing so. If a player is argumentative about this policy, staff hold the right to remove the player from the facility without refund. 

It is unfortunate that this policy has to be implemented, but our ultimate goal is to encourage a safe facility for our staff, safe gameplay for our players and discourage clout chasers who are trying to make a name for themselves online by playing and highlighting dangerous gameplay, especially when it involves unwilling participants. 

To submit your request, please use the link below. Allow at least 2 weeks for processing before reaching out.


If you have questions regarding this policy, please text 480-507-9420 or 602-491-9149 to chat with a member of management. You can request a phone call in the text system. 

Do I need a photo ID or parent to check-in?2024-06-28T15:19:06-07:00

All players will require a photo ID at check-in. School IDs will be accepted for the previous and current school years only. Previous school year IDs will be accepted until October of the current school year. If your player does not have a photo ID, they will need a parent with them at check-in. 

Photo IDs accepted are State IDs, Drivers Permits or Licenses, Passports, Military IDs, and School IDs. 

If your child does not have a photo ID and is coming in with another adult, the other adult must be the parent of another child in their group and not an older sibling. The adult must be able to verify the child’s identity without prompting from the child including the potential for a request of additional identifiers to the child. These additional identifiers may include: the child’s date of birth, home address as listed on the waiver, parent’s first and last name, parent’s email address and/or parent’s phone number. 

This allows us to ensure that the adult in fact knows the child, that we are able to check-in the correct player waiver for players who share the same/similar name to other players, and that we can decrease the opportunities for players to sneak in under false names. 

How do I use a cancellation credit?2023-10-12T13:47:17-07:00

If you cancelled at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled reservation via the cancellation link in your emails, you will receive a cancellation credit to your account. You will not receive a secondary email containing any codes. 

When booking, you will put in your email address into the box below the Terms & Conditions as instructed on the calendar.

If using a gift certificate, each code is only valid for 1 spot and will show an error if you attempt to book multiple spots at once using the code, so please only book 1 spot when using the code and you can go back through the calendar to purchase additional reservations separately. 

Do I need to make a reservation?2022-05-30T12:00:29-07:00

Prepaid reservations processed online through our reservations calendar are the only way to guarantee entry into any session. 

We cannot guarantee walk-in spaces will be available for any given session nor can we guarantee a specific amount of walk-in spots. Walk-in spots that are available, will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be opened for purchase no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your intended session start. Walk-in spots are at an increased entry cost and are not applicable for any online discount rates. 

Additionally- as a reminder, we are only accepting limited discount programs at this time with limits on how many players can use them per session. To find out whether your program is being accepted, for availability or for REQUIRED advance reservations, please email or call the Events Coordinator at 480-507-9420 x2 or 602-491-9149 x2. No coupons, certificates or discount programs will be accepted without an advance reservation. 

What is the session reservation reschedule/cancellation policy?2023-10-12T13:48:24-07:00

Players have until 2 hours prior to their session to reschedule or cancel. Spots purchased are cancelled and rescheduled individually. If you purchased multiple spots for a session, you will need to cancel each spot individually as outlined in the confirmation and reminder emails as well as the cancellation email you will receive upon cancellation. If you have several spots you need to cancel or reschedule, you can call our Event Coordinator at least 2 hours in advance of your session start to get assistance in making changes to your reservation. Calling within the 2 hour timeframe does not guarantee that our staff can assist you with your request. 

All applicable cancellations receive their refunds onto an electronic credit code applied to the email address on file in the reservation. No-shows result in a forfeiture of prepaid funds. We do not refund to cash or card as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. With the limited occupancy limits for sessions, we and other players rely on the calendar to know how many spots are available in a timely manner.

When should we arrive?2023-12-06T10:24:51-07:00

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your session for check-in procedures. 

How old do players have to be?2022-07-25T20:25:44-07:00

Players 6-8/9yrs are considered our “PeeWee players”. We will allow players as young as 8 in general session but we recommend that players age 8-9 have either already played competitive airsoft (not just shooting at the wall in the backyard), are involved in team athletics or are “rough and tumble”. We’ve found that players age 8-9 who are involved in sports are typically ready to move up to general session anyway. We do not allow players under the age of 6.

What should the players wear?2023-12-06T10:04:58-07:00

It is recommended that players dress appropriately in pants and a jacket (like a hoodie or sweatshirt). Gloves are also recommended. We do not have clothing, gloves or shoes available for rent.

We will not allow any player on the field unless they are wearing closed toe, closed heel shoes like gym shoes or boots. No entry will be granted to players wearing flip flops, high heels, crocs, or other similar open toe/open heel shoes. Staff reserve the right to refuse entry to any player they deem is not wearing appropriate footwear or clothing.


While players are not technically required to have pants and long sleeves on, be aware that any player who wears inappropriate clothing options like tank tops, short sleeves, shorts and/or leggings, that they will be more likely to leave with skin marks or injuries. We do not have any clothing to borrow if you decide after a game or two that you wish you would’ve come dressed in the recommended attire. 

Where can I get a waiver?2022-01-06T14:04:56-07:00

Every player requires a signed waiver by the player and their parent or legal guardian. They are electronic and completed online via our website under the “PLAYER WAIVER” tab. We have kiosks available in the lobby as well.

These waivers do not print or download. 

How do I use my gift certificate?2023-02-02T13:04:05-07:00

An advance reservation is REQUIRED for their use. We will not honor any certificates without an advance reservation. Certificates have a unique code on their reverse that you will enter into the code box on the reservations calendar. 

To utilize an old certificate, call, text or email our Event Coordinator at:

TEXT: 480-788-1470

CALL: 480-507-9420 x2 or 602-491-9149 x2. 

What are the FPS Limits?2023-03-15T15:47:18-07:00

The maximum FPS limit is 350 for Non-HPA guns and 300 for HPA guns with no exceptions. This is a safety assurance for our staff and players. It doesn’t matter the type of airsoft gun it is or if its electric or gas. FPS must be met when used with our required 0.20g house bbs.

While you can bring your own gun (as long as it shoots within our FPS limits), you must use our custom house bbs for play.

What are the general field rules?2022-11-16T19:12:50-07:00

General Field Rules

  1. ALWAYS wear eye protection. Even for observation.
  2. Point your gun UP with your mag OUT and finger OFF the trigger when not in gameplay.
  3. Aim for the center of mass. Avoid the head, face and groin.* 
  4. Don’t climb on or hang off of walls, windows, scaffolding, pipes, barrels, cabinets or railings. 
  5. Don’t shoot at lights, cameras, fire safety equipment or fans. 
  6. Physical and verbal violence or threats will not be tolerated.
  7. Respect the rules, referees, staff and other players. 


These are the most general of our field rules. We do not post individual game rules. There will be additional rules given by the referees at the start of the sessions. 

*While we ask players to avoid shooting others in the head, face or groin, incidences may still occur. 

Do you have lockers for my things?2022-01-06T14:07:35-07:00

We do not provide lockers for personal belongings and we cannot store any personal items behind our front desk, ref desk or tech department. Anything you don’t feel comfortable leaving on the tables, please either leave it in your vehicle or at home. We are not liable for stolen items.

What if I just want to watch?2022-01-06T14:07:56-07:00

We do not allow for any non-playing observers or friends who “just wanna hang out” or “just wanna watch”. We have limited table space available in the staging area where players sit in-between games and where they put their things so we need to ensure that we have adequate space for those players who are paying to participate.

This is also an important safety measure for our players and staff. We want our staff to focus on watching for safety of our players while in the field and in the staging area as opposed to trying to keep track of observers who may be wandering around the facility, trying to enter the field space, touching players’ belongings or who may not be following the safety precautions like wearing eye protection within the staging area. 

If you are a parent who insists upon staying, you may be asked to remain at the high-top counter outside of the staging area to ensure space capacity at the tables for our players as well as to maintain safety standards within the staging area space. Please be mindful that our policy on No Outside Food still applies to any parent observers. 

If you are bringing a large group of players and would like to have several observers with you- please reach out to our party coordinator about booking an official party package with us to receive a private room with guaranteed seating for your entire group.

What is a rental package?2022-01-06T14:09:00-07:00

Rental packages include the gun (M4 Carbine AEG Rifle), one magazine, a full face mask, and basic chest protector. We do not rent additional magazines, gloves, jackets, pants, footwear, pistols or upgraded rifles. 

You can prepay for rental equipment via the GREEN link in your confirmation email after you’ve booked your prepaid session entry. Prepaying for rentals give you a discounted rate and will send you a digital QR code for each package purchased. You will be a sent a unique QR for each package and we will need each individual QR code to redeem each rental package. If you are purchasing rentals and will not be there for check-in, please be sure to send the email or a screenshot of each QR code to the player(s) who will be checking in. We cannot redeem packages based on a payment receipt or order number. 

If you opt to wait and purchase rentals upon checkin, you certainly can but they are at an increased rate. 

How do I use my Platoon Membership?2022-11-16T19:12:02-07:00

Platoon Members are given platoon cards with unique codes specific to that member. If you are a current member, you will input your card code into the calendar’s blue code box when booking your session. 

To use Platoon Membership for online Proshop purchases, log into your Armory account prior to shopping. Discounts will be automatically applied at check-out.

Reach out to if you have any questions. 

Do you offer Coupons or Discounts?2022-01-06T14:13:01-07:00

If you are looking for coupons, download our app via our mobile website, Google Play Store or through the Apple Store!

Coupons cannot be used with any party package deals or during special events like Lock-ins, camps or classes unless specified. Please double check for any restrictions on locations, purchase requirements and availability before arriving.

All discounts and coupons for general session entry must be booked in advance and will not be accepted as a “Walk-in”.

We also offer our Platoon Membership which offers unlimited discounts on session entry, proshop purchases & more! 

How old do players have to be to play in a lockin?2022-01-06T14:34:17-07:00

Players must be at least 10 years old to participate in an overnight lockin. 

Why are the session times offset?2022-05-30T11:58:30-07:00

We have built in a 30 minute time buffer between sessions to decrease the amount of people in the facility at once, allowing for the first group to exit the facility before the next group arrives. Our staff will also be using this time to sanitize the staging area and frequently touched surfaces. 

What sanitation precautions do you take?2022-05-30T11:59:07-07:00

We have always sanitized all of our masks and chest protectors after every use with hospital grade sanitizer and will continue to do so. We have also always thoroughly cleaned our staging area, proshop, facility and gear and are continuing to clean regularly throughout the sessions. 

The only way to guarantee entry into any of the sessions is with a prepaid reservation. There is no guaranteed entry for walk-in players and will be based on session space availability. This policy will allow our staff to ensure that we are not overwhelming the facility which increases the gameplay experience for our players. 

We are not allowing for any non-playing observers during general sessions to ensure we have enough spacing at the tables. We are limiting our official party packages to 4 non-playing observers. If you have a large group and need to accommodate a large amount of observers, please contact our Events Coordinator at extension 2 in the phone menu to discuss your options for hosting a private event instead. You can also submit an event request form online.

We have offset our session start times so that our staff have enough time to clean the staging area between the sessions and decrease cross traffic between the two session player groups. 

We do ask that if you and/or your player(s) is/are sick or has been around someone who is sick, that you please stay home. We’re not going anywhere, so you’ll have plenty of chances to come play at a later date. 


We do not recommend our players wear PPE during gameplay. It is vital that our players are able to breathe unimpeded to avoid passing out from lack of adequate oxygen during rigorous activity. Our players however, are already required to wear face protection that covers their eyes, ears, nose and mouth for gameplay and most gameplay occurs while players are 10ft apart from each other. 

Can I bring my own gear?2022-11-16T19:13:29-07:00

Players are allowed to bring in their own equipment. However, it MUST be within our field regulations. It will be tested upon your arrival to ensure it meets our standards. Any airsoft guns brought in cannot fire above 350fps or 300fps for HPA rifles with the required house 0.20g bbs, have a fully functioning in-tact trigger spring, attached trigger guard and must be semi-auto capable. If your gun can only fire 3-round burst and/or full auto, it will not be allowed within the field. We do not allow double triggers nor binary triggers.

BBs brought from home are not allowed. Custom arena bbs are required.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?2024-07-21T12:21:02-07:00

No. We do not allow any outside food or drink, including bottled water. Cake is allowed for only those groups hosting official VIPAirsoft party packages with us. 

We offer filtered RO drinking fountains and can always ask for a free water cup from concessions. 

Can I bring my own face protection?2022-01-06T14:16:58-07:00

Face protection must be either a full single piece face mask that covers eyes, ears, nose and mouth in hard plastic or metal mesh or you can wear a half/half set-up.


Lower face pro must be hard plastic or metal mesh and your eyes must be protected by sealed eye wear with a strap that goes all the way around the back of the head.

Eye glasses, safety glasses and shooting glasses CANNOT be worn as the sole eye protection for game play under any circumstance. Mesh covering over the eyes is not allowed. 


Under no circumstances will we allow neoprene, shemagh, balaclava, ski mask, bandana or any other cloth as face protection when used on its own.

Can I bring melee weapons?2022-01-06T14:19:34-07:00

Yes!! As long as they are not made of hard plastics or have sharp corners, you can use them in battle. If you aren’t sure, bring it with you and check with a ref when you arrive.

Melee weapons cannot be bags of candy, bean bags, water balloons or anything else that could break and spray its contents if popped upon impact.

Can I bring my own BBs?2022-01-06T14:19:57-07:00

No. We offer specific field BBs that are required for use in our arena and come included with your session entry. They are colored to be recognizable and any excess can be brought back to the arena. If any player is caught using personal BBs, they will be asked to empty their magazines and hand over any other personal BBs until the end of their session.

Our field bbs are manufactured by Umarex specifically for legal airsoft fields nation-wide and are only available to legal fields. They have been rigorously tested by Echo1 USA, KWA, G&G and Umarex for quality. They have passed with flying colors and have been approved for use under warranty. They will not break within your magazine or your gun. We require them to be used within our own personal rental fleet as well and therefore wouldn’t put anything cheap, dented, seamed, unpolished or otherwise unsavory into our magazines.

Can I bring a riot shield?2024-04-29T16:45:01-07:00

Of course! You may not be able to use it during every game though. The refs will let you know at the start of every game. You will not be allowed to shoot at an enemy from behind the riot shield, you cannot hold the riot shield while a friend or friendly fires from behind you and the shield and you cannot prop the shield up and fire from behind it. 

The referees will demonstrate the rules of how the shield can and cannot be used at the start of the sessions. 

The riot shields must also not have any sharp edges, splinters or protruding exposed screw tips that may harm other players. No riot shields will be allowed if they are so large that staff believe they could impede the flow of egress through doorways or hallways in an emergency situation. 

There are no guarantees that any riot shield brought in will be allowed to be used. All riot shield approvals/denials are at the discretion of the referee staff upon safety inspection and review. 

As a heads up before your arrival, riot shields made of plexiglass or acrylic don’t hold up well and you may see denting, shattering and/or holes in your shield after playing. We see denting and shattering of plexiglass even in PeeWee play where the guns are shooting at 200fps, let alone in general sessions where the limit is 350fps. This is also why we do not allow any face protection where plexiglass is involved.

Regardless of what a sales site or forum says, plexiglass is not airsoft friendly for long-term use. If you’re looking to purchase a good shield from a reputable company, look for one that is made of lexan polycarbonate. If you’re building one, avoid plexiglass, yes it’s cheap and lexan is expensive, but if you spend $30 on plexiglass and materials and an hour building it and it shatters or is damaged after every session you play meaning you have to build another- it financially makes more sense using either a different material or spending more the first time on a lexan shield that will last a long time without damage. We’ve seen players make shields out of plywood, cut in half trash cans, among other thicker materials and these tend to hold up better than the plexiglass. Be prepared that your riot shield will be shot at (a lot) as opponents advance towards you in an effort to hold you back from advancing or cause you to pull back from your position. Keep this in mind during purchase, building and gameplay. 

We are not responsible for any damage caused to your shield. 

Can I use grenades?2022-01-06T14:24:58-07:00

You can use sound grenades like “ThunderBs”, rubber grenades, EG67, tornado grenades or reusable grenades used with an M203 launcher. We allow the use of BANG 22 but with no higher than Level 2 cartridges (brown tip). 

You cannot use flash bang grenades, smoke grenades, Master Mikes, metal replicas, VTG grenades, “Easter Egg” grenades, baking soda/vinegar grenades or any type of grenade that expels a food product (ie: TAGinn AFG6). We do not allow any pyrotechnic with a smoke component.

Can I use Tracer Units & BBs2022-01-06T14:26:02-07:00

You are more than welcome to bring in a Tracer Unit. You must purchase and use our house Tracer bbs. You can add-on Tracer bbs during your prepaid reservation process.  

Why should you choose VIPAirsoft?2024-03-21T15:13:07-07:00

What truly sets VIPAirsoft apart from our competitors? 

We focus only on airsoft for our general sessions which allows us to ensure quality and regularly maintained rental equipment. Our staff are also able to focus on the safety issues surrounding airsoft without needing to be concerned with the different safety needs, gear restrictions, gameplay styles or rules for other sports like paintball or laser tag. Our proshop focuses only on airsoft gear, upgrades, parts and repairs, which also allows us to stock quality inventory in an ever changing market. We rigorously test every new gun, gear and part we intent to carry to ensure that it meets our expectations so we know it will meet yours. A task which would be difficult to do if we tried to focus on too many sports. 


Our company employs, insures and fully trains our entire staff. This allows us to ensure that each of our staff are trained in the same safety expectations throughout all of our locations, share the same game book and rules and we (and you!) can trust that our staff are accountable. Utilizing employed staff as opposed to volunteers, provides our staff stability and trust in our company, and also allows our customers the well-being that we are accountable for our staff, that our staff have appropriate knowledge and training and that they have been approved to assist in activities like overnight lockins, party packages and private events. It also gives our players and customers a chance to get to know our staff! It’s not uncommon to have referee requests for our birthday parties and technician requests for repairs because they know they can count on their experience and that the staff will be there. 


Most importantly?  We have over 10 years of experience in running our airsoft field! We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the last decade and continue to grow and improve to provide our customers the safety and quality you expect in a fun, exciting environment! We love that we are family owned and operated because it allows us to continue to be passionate about the sport and be passionate about providing an incredible experience to all of our players and proshop customers, near and far. 

Will our group play with adults?2024-03-21T15:13:42-07:00

Most of our players are between the ages of 10-15. The adults that we do see in our sessions are typically dads or grandpas playing alongside their kids/grandkids, older brothers playing with their siblings or those players have been with us since they were 10-11 and we’re just their preferred field. 

If our refs see a gap between player ability, we implement what we call “Alpha/Bravo” where the players are separated by ability and experience. Alpha players are our more experienced players, they tend to have their own equipment and play more often. Bravo players are our beginners or our players who play occasionally and are therefore less familiar with the field. Bravo players are welcome to try an Alpha game if they’d like, although our referees reserve the right to refuse a Bravo player entry into an Alpha game for any reason, however an Alpha player is not allowed in a Bravo game. 

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