Pistol Tournaments

ARENA: Tuesday: 4pm - 8pm

PROSHOP: Tuesday: 10am - 8pm

Pistol Tournaments



TOURNAMENT: January 8, 2014 – March 28
Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays
TIME: 6p-8p
ENTRY: $10 per entry


1. You are not required to play every tournament day and can choose how often you enter the competition.

2. You can use any airsoft pistol regardless of FPS.

3. You must use house bbs to compete.

4. Tournament entry does not gain you entry into the general session admission and vice versa (general session admission does not get you entry into the tournament)

Weekly winners will be chosen based on all the scores collected from Wednesday,Thursday and Friday combined. The competitor with the best overall score will be the winner! Weekly winners will be given a “Golden Ticket” gaining them entry to the biannual competition. 

FINALE WINNING: All the weekly winners will be given a “Golden Ticket” invitation to participate in the finale contest. The three shooters with the best times at the finale contest will win the prizes below. Only those players that show up for the finale contest will be eligible for the prizes.

Weekly Prizes:
1st Place:     $25 gift card
2nd Place:    Free admission pass

BiAnnual Prizes:
1st Place:     $500 cash
2nd Place:   $100 gift card
3rd Place:    $25 gift card


**Please note: Rules and times of competition may change. 

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