What is Airsoft?

ARENA: Monday: Closed

PROSHOP: Monday: 11:30am - 5pm

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Have you ever heard of paintball? Airsoft is similar except there is no paint involved and uses smaller plastic pellets. Here at VIPAirsoft, we regulate all of the equipment brought into the field for safety and to ensure our players are having fun!


Don’t be fooled by the name of the sport. The name was coined by the Daisy BB gun company to market a newly created BB gun rifle using plastic projectiles contrary to their usual metal ball bearings. These new plastic BBs were safer to shoot at opposing players with. The game has since expanded to the sport it is today with more sophisticated guns, more accurate guns, and safer BBs.

Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The guns used are full scale replicas of real world weapons.

The guns used can be categorized into three main types: Spring powered, gas (CO2, green gas), and automatic electric guns (AEGs). Spring powered must be hand-cocked every time before shooting. They also shoot a lower velocity than gas or AEG guns. Gas powered guns can use different gases to power them such as CO2 canisters, green gas, or propane. An Automatic Electric Guns is a gun, most often in rifle style, that uses a battery and motor to power the spring mechanism. VIP Airsoft uses these types of guns for their rentals as they are more reliable and easier for new players to use.

Guns tend to run at 350fps-500fps or higher depending on the gun and the manufacturer. All guns are legally liable to comply with the “orange tip” muzzle requirement in order to distinguish them from real live fire ammunition fire arms.

Because our field is close quarter urban combat, we require that all guns playing in our arena are shooting at or below 330fps for safety and have technicians on site to do any alterations necessary to allow players to use their personal weapons in our arena.

The BBs used are primarily 6mm size ball made of plastic. They come in different weights and brands as well as BioDegradable or Tracer style. Here at VIP Airsoft, we have our BBs custom created for used specifically within our arena. They are made of high quality plastic and are a custom color to help identify ours from others. This difference allows our players the opportunity to bring any unused BBs to later sessions. A HUGE advantage for our players!

Many players have compared getting hit by a BB as being snapped by a rubberband. This sensation can be lessened by the amount of layers being worn, safety protection and the fabrics. So dress accordingly and be prepared to get hit. While the FPS we run in our arena will not cause blood draw, it may leave marks that last about an hour. Again, the better prepared you come with what you’re wearing, the better off you’ll be and the better the experience you’ll have.

Due to the nature of the sport and the speed at which BBs are flying, ALL participants are required to wear eye protection at all times even when not in play. We here a VIP Airsoft require that eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are thoroughly protected at all times during active play.

Official Field Rules

  1. ALWAYS wear eye protection in and around the arena
  2. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction with your finger OFF the trigger
  3. Fighting will NOT be tolerated. Physical or verbal
  4. Aim for a center of mass and avoid the head of face
  5. DO NOT shoot lights, speakers, signs, cameras, or fire safety equipment
  6. DO NOT shoot at the props, fog machines, laser light machines or other game enhancers. They are there to give you a better experience, not as targets
  7. DO NOT climb on the walls, windows, scaffolding or banisters
  8. NEVER walk into the field while games are in play
  9. Take the magazine out of your gun when not within the field walls
  10. Respect your referee and other players
  11. Do not shoot other players within the 10ft surrender distance
  12. Referee staff hold the right to separate players into whatever team designation they deem appropriate and necessary for the given session in play for any reason

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