VIP Fables Lockins!

Fables Collection LJQ

The Fables Collection is the newest release in VIPAirsoft lockins!

We are proud to roll out our very own specialty themed lockins that put a real twist on airsoft game simulation and will change the way you see an overnighter at VIP!


OCT 27, 2017: TBA



MAY 24, 2014:  Forbidden Legends: Pandora Chronicles
An eager adventurer, Jack Cooper, finds an artifact

OCT 4, 2014: PMC International
Ever wanted to be a Private Military Contractor?


DEC 20: “X-Mas: The Attack of Evil Santa”

MAY 23, 2015: Void Hunter
Captain Marius and his company of Space Guard Marines is

SEPT 5, 2015: Insurgence
Decades ago, the world has ultimately succumbed

MAY 28, 2016: ITS A TRAP!
The galaxy has become gripped in turmoil

SEPT 3, 2016: I Choose You!
There are rogue