Arena Pricing

ARENA: Monday: Closed

PROSHOP: Monday: 11:30am - 5pm

Arena Pricing2019-01-02T12:19:05+00:00

Session entry does not include rental equipment or required house bbs. All players are required to use our custom colored house ammunition, which are only available for purchase at our front desk. Prices listed below do not include tax.

Groups of 4 or more players who are using a coupon or discount require a reservation at least 24hrs in advance in order to guarantee available rental equipment upon arrival.

Rental guns are G&G CM16 Raider Carbine AEG Rifles. Rental packages include rifle, one magazine, full face mask and chest protector.

While we will try to accommodate large group reservation requests for same day visits, we are unable to 100% guarantee them. Call ahead to inquire about rental reservations for same day visits for groups of 4 or more. Any request submitted after 4pm on Fridays for the following Saturday or Sunday sessions may not be processed in time. To request your reservation please CLICK HERE


Entry Only $17

Entry w/ 1000 bbs $20

Rental Package $15

Single Session Rollover $10

1000 bbs $5

4000 bbs $15

Mask Rental Only $5

*All day rollover applies for same day play only

Entry Only $22

Entry w/ 1000 bbs $25

Rental Package $15

All Day Rollover $10

1000 bbs $5

4000 bbs $15

Mask Rental Only $5

*All day rollover applies for same day play only

Players over the age of 18 with a valid ID are welcome on Thursdays (specific arena weeks below). Entry is only $15 and includes 1000bbs! Mini Milsim play may be available with group consensus and enough players.

Gilbert Arena : 1st & 3rd Thursdays
Phoenix Arena : 2nd & 4th Thursdays

PeeWee Open Session Game Play for players 6-8/9 

(August 7-May 25)

Minimum of 4 players to participate. Advanced reservations required. The more players you bring, the lower the price per player and the more fun you’ll have! 

4-5 players: $20/player

6-9 players: $15/player

10+ players: $10/player

All pricing includes session entry, rental peewee low-power airsoft spring shotgun, face mask, chest protector and bbs. 

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED 24hours in advance. We cannot guarantee available gameplay or equipment without an advanced reservation. 


If there is a group of other PeeWee players already in gameplay, we may be able to accommodate a small group of 1-3 PeeWee walk-in players at a cost of $25/player. This availability however, is not guaranteed and is dependent upon a group PeeWee players already in play and available rental equipment. 

Groups must checkin as a group and pay as a single transaction to ensure the correct amount of players for the correct price bracket. 

PeeWee FAQs

Why can’t I have only 1-2 players play?

We want your PeeWee players to have a great time and have access to all the PeeWee games available. These games require at least 2-3 players per team in order to run them and for the players to have fun. 

Why is there a pricing tier?

The more players you have for PeeWee play, the more fun the players have. 

I have older players, can they play PeeWee?

Most of our players, once they hit about 8 or 9 years old, start to have more fun in the general session play with the rifles instead of PeeWee. This is especially true if they play contact or organized sports. We can allow an older sibling in for gameplay however, they will still be required to play with the peewee equipment provided, cannot swap between PeeWee and General session and if they are found playing overly aggressive or intimidating the other Peewees who are there, they will be asked to step out of the games.

If you have a large group of players 10years or older that want to play PeeWee, we can accommodate this with a PeeWee party package, as we only book one PeeWee party at a time and they play separate from all other players.


Tuesdays & Wednesdays :: 4-6pm

$10 All Inclusive Entry. Reservations required for groups of 4 players or more.

*Homeschool discount days are available August 8-May 26 and are subject to public school holiday breaks. We are unable to host discount days during school breaks and summer hours.

**Each student intending to use the homeschool discount must present one of the following items of proof at every visit: AFHE Membership Card, HSF Membership Card, HSLDA Membership Card or the Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool. We cannot accept curriculum as proof.

***Discounts are valid for homeschool students only. One parent per homeschool student may participate. Discount is not valid for non-homeschool friends or for more than one adult family member. Additional non-homeschool players will be charged regular weekday prices.



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What is a session?2018-01-29T09:05:20+00:00

A session is a predetermined 4 hour block of time with game scenarios running about  5-7 minutes each. Players will play alongside others that show up for the same session. Players do not need to play the entire session if they don’t want to, however sessions are not prorated.

What is a Rollover?2018-02-08T08:34:22+00:00

A rollover is an opportunity to continue game play into one or more sessions at a discounted rate. You pay the full price entry fee for your first initial session of the day and then you pay the rollover fee if you want to stay into another session or two for the same day. 

Rollovers are per person and are for same day visits only. 

What is included in a rental package?2018-01-29T09:04:28+00:00

Rental packages include the gun (High-end G&G M4 Carbine AEG Rifle), one magazine, a full face mask, and chest protector. We do not rent additional magazines, gloves, jackets, pants, footwear or pistols. 

What are the FPS Limits?2018-02-12T11:20:04+00:00

The maximum FPS limit is 350 with no exceptions. This is a safety assurance for our staff and players. It doesn’t matter the type of airsoft gun it is or if its electric or gas.

While you can bring your own gun (as long as it shoots within our FPS limits), you must use our custom house bbs for play.

What should the players wear?2018-04-20T14:46:36+00:00

Recommended attire includes gym shoes, jean pants and a jacket like a hoodie or a sweatshirt. Gloves are also recommended but not required.

Players are welcome to wear shorts and short sleeves, but it is not at all recommended. BBs will hurt on bare skin and you may leave with markings on your skin where you were hit. We do not have any clothing to borrow if you decide after a game or two that you wish you would’ve come dressed in the recommended attire.