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ARENA: Friday: 4pm - 10pm

PROSHOP: Friday: 10am - 10pm

Thank You

THANK YOU!  Your form has been submitted successfully One of our event coordinators will process your request shortly. You will also receive an email confirming a successful submission to the address provided in the form. If you would like to submit your deposit online prior to being reached [...]

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What would my fps be?

What would my FPS be?? We get a lot of calls and questions about FPS conversions between bb weights, so we went back to our high school math knowledge for you and calculated the general conversions! Now you can see what your FPS would be if you're going from 0.12g to 0.20g, etc. That being [...]

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Rifle Raffle

VIPAIRSOFT RIFLE RAFFLE! Each holiday season, we host our annual Rifle Raffle benefitting a local non-profit organization. The Rifle Raffle is unique for sure and gives you the chance to win one or more guns! (Talk about an awesome Christmas!) We've got different ticket levels and as tickets sell, more guns will unlock for you to [...]

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Homeschool Discount

VIPAIRSOFT HOMESCHOOL DISCOUNT! Earn your PE Credit with us while having fun with your friends! We know that some parents are not quite sure what airsoft is or are just learning about the sport, so we want to put your mind at ease. Our facility is family owned and operated and focused on the safety [...]

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Luke AFB Special Discount Days Join us Tuesdays & Fridays at either the Gilbert or Phoenix fields for discounted rates!  2 Players : $60  |  4 Players : $100* Price includes 4 hour session entry, rental equipment, safety gear and 1000bbs per player (Everything you need to play!)   Players will need to have a [...]

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Madd Maxx Pistol LockIn

IMPORTANT TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: This event is specially designed as a double elimination bracket style pistol competition. Players are encouraged to bring their own airsoft pistols, however a rental pistol will be available for the evening for competition only. FPS is not restricted for pistols being used for the competition, however house bbs are still required. Any [...]

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Madd Maxx Bio

MEET MADD MAXX!   Max Sprinkle, our 2 time pistol tournament champion, is stepping down to help in training the next tournament competitors!   Max has been shooting live-fire weapons and airsoft for 5 years, extensively for 3 and competitively for 2 years. He began shooting Limited Division using an FNP-45 and recently switched to [...]

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Pistol Tournaments

PISTOL TOURNAMENTS   TOURNAMENT: January 8, 2014 - March 28 WHEN: Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays TIME: 6p-8p ENTRY: $10 per entry   RULES: 1. You are not required to play every tournament day and can choose how often you enter the competition. 2. You can use any airsoft pistol regardless of FPS. 3. You must use house bbs to [...]

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