Birthday Party FAQs

ARENA: Tuesday: 4pm - 8pm

PROSHOP: Tuesday: 10am - 8pm

Birthday Party FAQs

What to Expect at your Party with VIPAirsoft Arena!


Airsoft has so many unique needs, that we prefer to communicate directly with our party hosts as opposed to providing you an automated, faceless, nameless computer screen. This ensures we schedule you according to your needs, group size, overall event availability and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your event. So while we offer an online request form that you can submit 24/7, our event coordinator may follow up and confirm the information with you.

There is a $50 deposit required at time of reservation and this deposit is credited back to your overall cost the day of your event. Upon reservation, you will receive a confirmation email which includes all of your party information, important hyperlinks and an optional printable invitation. You will receive a reminder email prior to your scheduled event giving you time to make any changes as needed.

What Can you Bring With?

We do not allow outside food or drink within the facility, this includes bottled water. You are however, more than welcome to bring in birthday cake (or cupcakes, cookies, pie or other confectionary treat) and ice cream. We have fridges and freezers in the back for your convenience and all your paper products (plates, forks, knives, napkins and tablecloths) are all included in your party package. We also have candles, lighter and knife to cut your cake free of charge and available for use. We do not charge “cake cutting” fees.

Checking In for your Event

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early for your event to allow for check-in procedures.

When you arrive, we ask that you gather all of your players together prior to checking in to help expedite the process and get you into your party room quickly.

Player waivers will be checked for validity, wristbands and safety glasses will be provided and then you will be taken back to your dedicated party room and introduced to your party referee.

Meeting your Party Ref

Scheduling a party package with VIPAirsoft provides you a dedicated party referee who will help you run your event. They will show the players how to use the rental equipment, ensure the safety gear is on properly, assist with placing your concessions orders and will be your go-to for any questions, concerns or issues.

Game Play!

Now that everyone knows how to use the guns and has all their safety gear on, it’s time to get into the arena! The games run about 5-10 minutes each with breaks in between to reload, use the restroom, grab a bite to eat or celebrate with cake/ice cream.

Time for Celebration

We want you to be in charge of your own event, so we don’t schedule out specific times for pizza or cake. You are welcome to celebrate at any time during your party session, just let your party referee know that you’d like to take a break.

Checking Out

As the end of your session nears, your party referee will stop by to go over your invoice. If you had a photo package included, our photographer will also stop by to ensure we have your correct contact information so you can receive the link to your photo package Dropbox folder.

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