Madd Maxx Pistol LockIn

ARENA: Monday: Closed

PROSHOP: Monday: 11am - 5pm

Madd Maxx Pistol LockIn

IMPORTANT TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: This event is specially designed as a double elimination bracket style pistol competition. Players are encouraged to bring their own airsoft pistols, however a rental pistol will be available for the evening for competition only. FPS is not restricted for pistols being used for the competition, however house bbs are still required. Any [...]

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Madd Maxx Bio

MEET MADD MAXX!   Max Sprinkle, our 2 time pistol tournament champion, is stepping down to help in training the next tournament competitors!   Max has been shooting live-fire weapons and airsoft for 5 years, extensively for 3 and competitively for 2 years. He began shooting Limited Division using an FNP-45 and recently switched to [...]

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