Special Events & Private Arena Rentals

Rent our entire facility for your next special event!

VIPAirsoft offers a unique experience with private arena use with availability at both field locations!  From team builders to family reunions, fundraisers to law enforcement training, we have the staff, knowledge and facility to accommodate your event! Private facility rentals are great for:

– Team Builders                                  – Family Reunion
– Bachelor Parties                              – Military Training
– Fundraisers                                      – Law Enforcement Exercises
– Church & Youth Groups                   – School Field Trips
– ROTC/JROTC Groups                     – Private Birthday Parties
– Themed Overnighters                      – Celebration Events!
– End of Season Team Parties            – Trophy Presentations & More!
– Scout Troops Badge Earning

Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you build a memorable event from start to finish!


– Private events include 3 hours of private facility use, rental equipment, safety gear, unlimited ammo, pizza and drinks!!
– Build out your own scenarios or have our staff design your event!
– Innovative scenarios and game styles for all team building skills
– No mess means you can come, play and not need a change of clothes!
– Urban field layout and realistic equipment is great for LE and Military training

Please complete our online Event Request Form and our Event Coordinator will contact you within 1-2 business days with a quote.

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