Special Events & Private Arena Rentals

Rent our entire facility for your next special event!

VIPAirsoft offers a unique experience with private arena use starting for as little as $400!  From team builders to family reunions, fundraisers to law enforcement training, we have the staff, knowledge and facility to accommodate your event! Private facility rentals are great for:

– Team Builders                                  – Family Reunion
– Bachelor Parties                              – Military Training
– Fundraisers                                      – Law Enforcement Exercises
– Church & Youth Groups                   – School Field Trips
– ROTC/JROTC Groups                     – Birthday Parties
– Themed Overnighters                      – Celebration Events!
– End of Season Team Parties            – Trophy Presentations & More!
– Scout Troops Badge Earning

Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you build a memorable event from start to finish!


– Use the BREACH doors and tools like a professional!
– Build out your own scenarios or have our staff design your event!
– Innovative scenarios and game styles for all team building skills
– No mess means you can come, play and not need a change of clothes!
– Urban field layout and realistic equipment is great for LE and Military training

Please complete our online Event Request Form and our Event Coordinator will contact you within 1-2 business days with a quote.

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