Arena FAQs

Is your Phoenix field open yet?                Yes!!

Bear with us as things may be a tad slow the first few days as our staff and players get used to the new facility together. Phoenix is not accepting any reservations, birthday parties or coupons/discounts until July 1.

How long is a Session?                 4 hours

A session is a predetermined 4 hour period of time.

Is there an age/size/weight restriction?                 

PeeWee players are ages 6-9 years old. General session players are 10+. This is more of a suggestion 

Can I use my own BBs?                    No

No. We offer custom colored BBs that are required for use in our arena.

What is your FPS Limit?                    350fps

The maximum FPS for ALL guns in our arena is 350fps with house 0.20g bbs.

Can I bring my own equipment and gear?      Yes with restrictions…

Players are allowed to bring in their own equipment. However it MUST

Can I use a flashlight, scope or laser?            Yes, with restrictions…

We do allow players to attach flashlights, scopes, lasers and other accessories however, there are rules and

Can I bring my own food and drinks?               No

What should I wear?

Recommended attire is gym shoes, jeans and a jacket. We also recommend

Where can I get a waiver?

The “PLAYER WAIVER” link in the menu above. Every player is required

What is included in a rental package?

Rental packages include the gun (M4), one high capacity magazine, a full face mask, and a chest protector.

What is a rollover? 

Rollovers are the opportunity to play multiple sessions at a lower cost.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Groups of 4 or more players that all need rental equipment are required to make a reservation.

Do you have coupons available?

If you are looking for coupons, check out

Do I get a discount if I don’t play the whole session?


Do you have lockers for my things?

We do not provide lockers

What if I want to watch my child play?

Everyone that plans to enter the arena MUST

Can I bring melee weapons?

Yes!! We allow several types of

Can I use grenades?

You can use sound or reusable grenades like

Can I bring a riot shield?

Of course! You may not

Is it okay to wear goggles & a scarf/fabric/balaclava/”gater-neck”/or a neoprene half mask?

NO!!! Face protection must

How much does a spring change cost?

A spring change costs between $25 and $35 dollars depending

I need a spring change. When should I bring it in?

As soon as possible! They take